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Hello Fellow Pokemon Masters,

Welcome to Childhood Kingdom.

Sssshh… Keep your volume down,
we are trespassing the sacred forest..

Hello Fellow Pokemon Masters,


the joyous end-of-year festivities have arrived again.

To commemorate this fun-filled year full of Pokemongo mania, I have created some free and printable legendary pokemon colouring pages for you pokefans out there. So if you love pokemon and would want to do some colouring this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place !

What’s inside the Legendary Pokemon Colouring Pages ?


Currently, only Lengendary Pokemon from the first generation are available. They are namely, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo.

These were the classics that have accompanied many of the childhood  of us, 90s’ kids ! Hence, the reason I’ve decided to start with them.

Over time, I do have plans to expand this project. As it it, I am currently working on them already. I hope to include Legendary Pokemon colouring pages from across all generations. So please stick with me and be assured that this will be good fun 🙂

You can download this first Legendary Pokemon Colouring Pages issue right here Pokemon Colouring Pages 1 !

I was especially glad when the Pokemon franchise decided to reintroduce these classic pokemon with the mobile app game Pokemon Go. It was good to see some old homies back on the grid. Also, it gave the kids today an opportunity to know the legendaries that we had grew up with back then. Now we relevant again!

When I strike a conversation with my younger nieces and nephews during the festive season, I’ll know for sure we have a common topic.

I’ve also digitally coloured these babies to give you a sample look.
Of course, you can choose to colour them whichever way you prefer, traditional or digital.

I hope this Legendary Pokemon Colouring Pages brings back some fond memories of your childhood catching Pokemon on the gameboy 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone,
and have fun colouring with your family.

“A family that colours together, stays together”



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